and the Ugly Truth
a novel

JUSTINE AND THE  UGLY TRUTH carries the reader through six months of the life of Antiguan-born, North Carolina journalist, Justine Ambrose. As she nears her fiftieth  birthday, she realizes the need for spiritual growth and emotional stability.

Written in first person, using wit, intellect, and a sprinkle of patois,  Justine shares the story of her struggle with the seven deadly sins—lust pride and jealousy taking center stage. Single life, weight issues, fear, and low self-esteem all feed her daily battle, as she also tries to make sense of racism, homosexuality, gender inequality, and other social concerns.

Justine stumbles her way toward personal maturity, rationalizing her weaknesses, and explaining away her faults with sugar-coated confession, finally coming to grips with the hard facts about her sins and her stubborn ways. Although painfully difficult, she reaches a place of full disclosure, understanding that in order to be hopeful about her future, she must be truthful about her past.

“The universal lessons found in the tastefully written chapters of Justine and the Ugly Truth are applicable to real life women seeking real life!”


-Nancy Franklin Gates


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